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This resource provides essential information about your role in supporting our students’ learning journeys. It is primarily designed for those who are new to teaching or those who are new to the University of Sheffield. However, it may also be helpful to teaching staff who feel they need a refresher.

As an academic, you can make a real difference to a student’s experience and to their overall attainment. For many, the years of undergraduate study coincide with becoming an adult, and as students negotiate greater freedom and independence, the support you offer can help bridge the gap between the world of school and work or postgraduate study.

Supporting our students' learning journeys is broad in scope and is divided into three sections:


1.Empowering students explores your role in developing your students’ skills and enabling self-direction. It also covers student engagement.


2. Creating an inclusive environment focuses on how your practice can promote an environment where all students are able to achieve.


3.Creating the right conditions looks at some of the more formalised ways you can support students, by contributing to transitions support, through your personal tutoring practice and by managing student expectations.

 An accessible, text-only, version of these pages is also available.

Supporting Students' Academic Journey - Accessible Version

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In this video, students tell us about the type of support they find valuable at the University and talk about the importance of being mindful of the diversity within the University.


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