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 Teaching practice: The essentials

1. Planning
your session

2. Structuring
your session

3. Delivering
your session

4. Evaluating
your session


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This resource contains key information about how to design, deliver and evaluate a teaching session. It is designed to support anyone new to teaching or new to the University. More experienced teachers may find it useful as a refresher.

The resource is divided into four sections, all of which consider teaching practice at the level of an individual session.


1. 'Planning your teaching session' considers how to transform academic ideas, content and materials into a form that is useful for students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.


2. 'Structuring your teaching session' considers how the arrangement of a session will ensure that students are engaged and make the most of their time with you.


3. 'Delivering your teaching session' considers how your behaviour in the session can influence students’ academic development.


 4. 'Reflecting on and evaluating your teaching session' considers what you can do after you have delivered your session to continue to develop your teaching practice.

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First, you might wish to watch this video (captions available), which shows students' perspectives on what makes teaching engaging:


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