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Assessment is for learning.

Assessment drives learning.

Assessment and feedback are perhaps the most important interactions we can have with students.

Assessment helps us as teachers to measure student progress and evaluate our own teaching. Assessment and feedback together help students to understand their progress and make positive action to improve and direct their own learning.

Much enhancement to assessment and feedback can happen at the programme level. Mapping out and planning assessment across the programme will ensure that students are able to:

  • encounter a variety of assessment and feedback types
  • build the skills and knowledge needed in their discipline in a coherent way
  • receive feedback at timely points in their learning journey
  • avoid deadline bunches and workload issues

There is also a lot you can do on an individual level as part of your own teaching practice. You could try out a new type of assessment, improve the quality of the feedback you give to students, or get involved in quality assurance processes. Explore our online resources on assessment and feedback, including guidance, practical tools and case studies.

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