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“[...] the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn, which includes the learning standards or learning objectives they are expected to meet; the units and lessons that teachers teach; the assignments and projects given to students; the books, materials, videos, presentations, and readings used in a course; and the tests, assessments, and other methods used to evaluate student learning.”

Glossary of Educational Reform 2015 - 'curriculum' definition

Whether you’re responsible for designing an entirely new programme, developing a new module, or making changes to an existing area of the curriculum, taking a systematic approach to its design can help ensure your curriculum is engaging and relevant, providing the best possible experience and outcomes for your learners.

No element of the curriculum sits in isolation. Effective curriculum design involves upfront planning, holistic thinking, and conscious decision making – keeping the ‘bigger picture’ of the overall programme in mind whatever your level of involvement in the process.

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