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As an academic, you play an instrumental role in shaping a student’s university experience and impacting their overall attainment – whether in the classroom, as part of a personal tutoring relationship, or beyond.

For many students, the years of undergraduate study coincide with becoming an adult, and negotiating greater freedom and independence. All students, however, experience a variety of transitions throughout their learning journey – the support you provide to them can help bridge the gap between their earlier education experiences and work or further study.

Successfully supporting your students beyond the confines of teaching delivery and assessment requires:

  • placing your own teaching within the context both of the wider programme and your students’ academic journey
  • supporting students to ‘learn how to learn’
  • knowing when, where and how to provide more formal support or signpost your students elsewhere
  • promoting a supportive, inclusive environment that enables all students to achieve

These online resources include guidance, resources and case studies, and prompts for reflection on your own practice.

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Supporting students’ academic journey: The essentials