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Delivering or supporting teaching sessions may be your first direct experience of contributing to the learning, teaching and assessment activity of your department. Students also tend to focus on what happens in the classroom – whether physical or virtual.

Your teaching is not only highly visible. It also has a great impact on:

  • your students’ engagement with the content of your course
  • their ability to succeed in assessments and to achieve intended learning outcomes
  • their cultivation of academic and professional skills, and longer-term personal development.

Alongside a confident grasp of your subject matter, good teaching involves thoughtful planning and structuring, fostering engagement through your delivery and choice of learning activities, and continually reflecting on, evaluating and refining your practice. It also involves seeing where each instance of teaching delivery sits within the ‘bigger picture’ of a unit, level of study or programme.

These pages provide guidance, practical tools and case studies, covering teaching in a wide variety of contexts.

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Teaching Practice - The Essentials