Elevate communities of practice

The University is home to a number of learning and teaching related communities of practice. Come and join us! If you know of any other teaching-related communities, or want to set one up, please get in touch by emailing elevate@sheffield.ac.uk

Elevate communities - for everyone involved in learning and teaching

The Elevate Blog

The Elevate Blog

A collaborative space to showcase the best of learning and teaching at TUoS.
Read the blog, write an article, be a guest editor! Contact the Elevate team.

Mental Health and Wellbeing In Teaching Community of Practice

Mental Health & Wellbeing In Teaching Community of Practice

This is a community of practice for all University of Sheffield staff interested in mental health and wellbeing issues. For further information please contact Dr Emma Jones of the School of Law

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Community

A place for staff at the University of Sheffield who are interested in using technology to enhance their delivery of learning to share ideas.

Special Interest Groups - all welcome

Immersive Technologies Special Interest Group

A community interested in Virtual Reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360 degree media, for both research and testing applications. All welcome. 

Immersive Technologies Special Interest Group

Employability Community of Practice

This group provides opportunity for people from across the University who are interested in employability to share good practice and discuss areas for ongoing employability development within programmes and across the University.

This online community is complemented by Employability Community of Practice meetings to discuss topics of mutual interest suggested and facilitated by group members.

Main contact: Rachael Roberts

Employability Community of Practice

Online Teaching Community

An ideas sharing space for anyone involved in online programmes and distance learning

Online Teaching Community

Learning Technologists Community

Learning Technologists Community

A place for staff actively involved in promoting and supporting digital learning across the institution.

Also, DigiMeets which are face to face monthly meetings where staff share best practice and works on supporting institutional initiatives in line with the Digital Strategy Advisory Group. Sign up for the mailing list for DigiMeets

Encore Meet-ups

Encore Meet-ups

Join the Google Group to stay informed of the latest news regarding Encore lecture capture, and to contribute to future improvements.

For more details please contact Laura McNally.

University of Sheffield Fellows Network

University of Sheffield Fellows Network

This is a virtual community for Senate Fellows, National Teaching Fellows, Senior and Principal HEA Fellows. An invitation is required to join this community.

GTA Online Community

GTA Online Community

This is a space for any Graduate Teaching Assistant to discuss issues and best practice around teaching. 

This is an online community. Please contact Sarah Plumb for more details.

Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning

For anyone interested in engaged learning and teaching at the University of Sheffield. Engaged learning and teaching combines academic rigour and disciplinary knowledge with opportunities for students to learn with and from external partners, 'real-world' challenges and experiences outside the University. It often has as its focus learning from and addressing issues of public concern. More information can be found here.

Widening Participation Special Interest Group

Widening Participation Special Interest Group

This is a community of practice for all University of Sheffield staff interested in widening participation issues, policies and practices, as they intersect with current students. There is an online community and a monthly discussion group

For further information please contact Willy Kitchen

Copyright Community of Practice

Copyright Community of Practice

This is a place to discuss any issues, recent developments and best practices relating to copyright. Please feel free to ask questions too! 

More information

Learning & Teaching Scholarship Network

Learning & Teaching Scholarship Network

This is a place for staff at the University of Sheffield who are interested in the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching, offering resources and meet-ups. The network is open to any interested staff, of any level of experience. This is an online and face to face community.

For more information, please contact Bev Gibbs

Faculty learning and teaching websites

LATISS - Learning and Teaching in Social Sciences

LATISS - Learning & Teaching in Social Sciences

A site to provide a platform for the sharing of good practice and the discussion of ideas in in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Contact Fran Cooney

LATISS - Digital Pedagogy

A place to pull together learning from the transition to new ways of learning and teaching due to CV-19. Contact Fran Cooney.

Learning and Teaching - Arts and Humanities

Learning & Teaching - Arts & Humanities

Contact Bex Freeman

Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Learning & Teaching

A site developed to support learning and teaching in the Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Assessment Guidance

Guidance to academic and administrative staff within the Faculty of Engineering on amendments made to teaching and assessment delivery following the COVID-19 pandemic

Engineering - Delivering Teaching in 2020/21

Guidance on delivering teaching this academic year designed for the Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Science

Science Learning & Teaching

A site developed to support learning and teaching in the Faculty of Science. Contact Sarah Mirfield

Beyond The University

LTHE tweetchat @LTHEchat


A collaborative project on Twitter to discuss learning and teaching in Higher Education with the wider community via tweetchats

Advance HE Connect

Advance HE Connect

Advance HE Connect encompasses all aspects of HE, allowing instant communication with a worldwide network of HE peers.

This is an online community.

Educause Learning Initiative

Educause Learning Initiative

Community of IT Leaders and professionals who work with information technology to advance HE. Includes a blog, reports, case studies.