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Support for Departments and Programme Teams

As well as our standard provision, Elevate offers bespoke support for faculties, departments and programme teams.

Support for departments and programme teams during CV-19 and online/blended teaching

We are happy to provide bespoke support at a departmental or programme level for planning and problem-solving during the CV-19 online/blended teaching period.


  • Planning for alternative assessments
  • Reviewing programmes
  • Considering inclusion within online/blended teaching methods
  • Planning ways to engage students in online/blended teaching

Please email the Elevate Team to make a request for support. 

As well as the above specific CV-19 support, we can also:

  • provide a workshop for staff on a specific area of learning and teaching
  • talk to staff in your department about opportunities available through Elevate, including opportunities to recognise teaching practice for professional development
  • work with a Head of Department, Director of Learning & Teaching or Programme Team on a particular aspect of the curriculum
  • discuss ways to adapt teaching resources for your particular context
  • Provide workshops and follow up support for a curriculum review or development of a new programme

Some specific examples:

  • workshop on writing and evaluating learning outcomes for programme leads and L&T managers in the Faculty of Engineering
  • stand at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 'welcome back' event for staff
  • guided session for a programme team to support the development of their curricula
  • session at an Away Day in the department in the Faculty of Science on giving effective feedback for students
  • presentation at a Faculty GTA induction event outlining support available to them for teaching and professional recognition

Email the Elevate Team and we will confirm with you what we are able to offer and discuss further details. Please include details of:

  • the issue you want to address
  • how you would like Elevate to help
  • who you would like us to work with in your department e.g. specific programme team, all teaching staff, leadership team etc

Note that this support is not generally available for individual modules or for individual members of teaching staff. In these cases, you may find the following helpful: