Dr Jiban Kumar Karki

School of Health and Related Research

Global Challenges Research Fellow, Dr Jiban Kumar Karki, will focus on improving access to support systems for people living with disabilities in Nepal, Bangladesh, India and other low and middle income countries where in some areas support is almost non-existent.

Dr Jiban Kumar Karki

About Dr Jiban Kumar Karki's research:

"I am studying the current situation of assistive technology policies, services and use of these technologies for people living with hearing and mobility related disability in Nepal, Bangladesh and India. I am mainly working in Kathmandu in Nepal, Bangalore in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh. By the end of the second year of my research project, I aim to develop a generic assistive technology service provision model that can be incorporated into policy to develop new strategies to strengthen existing services in this sector in the above countries and other Lower Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

"I have been working on access to Primary Health Care for people living with disability in Nepal and have recently been working in the TB sector in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This additional research and knowledge of assistive technology to support people with disability will therefore add great value to the work I am already doing.

"I am very excited to receive this fellowship which has given me an opportunity to work in a relatively new research area. Especially in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and India, where the support system for people with disabilities is very rudimentary and, in some areas, almost non-existent. This research opportunity will enable me to contribute and advocate for change in this sector. I am really looking forward to working with my partners in Nepal, Bangladesh and India and to learn from them.

"I am hoping to work with both service providers and users of assistive technology in these countries. I hope to bring the voices of those living with disability directly to policy makers through the Participatory Videos that I am planning to help people with disabilities produce and screen in different forums in all three countries and internationally. Furthermore, I would like to develop a programme of translational research following this fellowship to implement some of the models and findings from this research in partnership with my partners in these three countries and beyond.

"I would like to thank the University of Sheffield and the GCRF for providing me with this excellent opportunity."

Email: j.karki@sheffield.ac.uk