Dr Mamadou Cissoko

Department of Animal and Plant Sciences

Global Challenges Research Fellow, Dr Mamadou Cissoko, will focus on the impact and devastation of two of the most damaging pests in sub-Saharan Africa, the parasitic subweed Striga hermonthica and the fall armyworm, to help alleviate poverty and increase food security.

Dr Mamadou Cissoko

About Dr Mamadou Cissoko's research:

"Throughout my career, I have been involved in scientific collaborations with universities, advanced research institutes and National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) and I have worked at different integration levels (molecular, plant, crop, farm), disciplines (Post- Harvest Technology, Molecular Biology, Breeding and Agronomy/Weed Science), on different staple food crops including rice, sorghum and maize.

"This fellowship focuses on the impact and devastation of the two most important biotic stresses in sub-Saharan Africa, the parasitic subweed Striga hermonthica and the parasite fall armyworm, which are increasingly threatening the livelihood of millions of resource poor farmers. The identification of resistant varieties to these two pests represents a sustainable scientific solution and a cost effective control method for poor subsistence farmers and requires scientific collaboration between research institutes and universities with combined and complementary expertise and knowledge, which I find very rewarding. It is also very important to me to work on research that is going to have a real impact on the lives of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and this fellowship will allow me to do this.

"The Global Research Fellow will provide me with the opportunity to confirm and enhance my ability to manage and execute research activities, undertake processes essential for publishing and reporting results or findings and develop strong interactions in a challenging and stimulating environments and work to sustain and to improve the productivity of crop- based systems in Africa. I am excited and highly motivated to add my contribution in the fight against these most damaging pests which will help alleviate poverty and increase food security in Africa in the future."

Email: m.cissoko@sheffield.ac.uk