Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

What is SoTL?

SoTL involves critical enquiry, research and dissemination of pedadogic practice.

It begins with enquiry, and framing of a research question. Evidence is then gathered and analysed, using a variety of possible methodologies. Techniques are tested and refined. Results are then disseminated.

Disseminating the outcomes of learning and teaching scholarship can seem intimidating when faced with the pressure to publish disciplinary research. However, the outputs from SoLT don't always have to be peer-reviewed journal articles. Blogs, reports, case studies, workshops and presentations are all ways that we can contribute to SoTL.

Why should I engage with SoTL?

SoTL offers you a way that you can:

  • enhance and develop your own learning and teaching practice, by exploring new ideas
  • ground your learning and teaching practice in current theoretical understanding of pedagogies
  • enhance and develop the practice of others, by sharing your learning
  • evaluate your practice and developments
  • disseminate your practice
  • collaborate with others to develop, evaluate and disseminate practice

Through all these ways, we can all contribute to building truly excellent learning and teaching at The University of Sheffield.