Call for papers, Conference, 6-7 July 2017

Reconnecting through Engaged Learning and Scholarship: Impact, Frameworks and Practice

...our great universities simply cannot afford to remain islands of affluence, self importance, and horticultural beauty in seas of squalor, violence, and despair. With the schools of medicine, law and education and their public policy programs, universities surely can help out our cities and perhaps - perhaps - even our nation back together.

Ira Harkavy

Engaged learning and teaching can be understood as combining (inter)disciplinary knowledge with opportunities to learn with and from external partners, 'real world' challenges, and experiences outside universities. At a time of political and societal change, what is the role of engaged learning and its related forms of educational practice, including service learning, authentic learning, and civic engagement in connecting with communities?

This event aims to share frameworks, projects and experiences through which engaged learning can be approached, practiced, and theorised. Selected papers from this event will be published in an edited and peer-reviewed volume. Papers and attendees are welcome from both inside and outside the academy. 

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: 

  • The role, purpose, and obligations of universities, and their relationship with communities and organisations
  • Broadening notions of 'impact' through engaged learning
  • Practicalities, ethos, and the challenges of doing engaged learning well
  • Critical approaches to 'co-production'
  • Universities and citizenship
  • New definitions of 'scholarship'
  • Engagement through students' critical sensibilities towards HE
  • Boundaries between research, teaching, scholarship, and activism 
  • Case studies

Proposals for presentations of 20 minutes, workshops of 40 minutes, and posters are invited. 

Please submit proposals by 7 April 2017