Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Frameworks and Practice

Conference, 7 April 2016, 10.00 -16.30, Arts Tower

Conference schedule

Arts Tower, Basement, 12 Bolsover Street, Sheffield, S3 7NA

09.30 Registration and refreshments, Arts Tower Basement

10.00 Welcome: Prof. Jackie Labbe, PVC Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield, UK (Lecture Theatre 4)

10.10 Catherine Lyall, University of Edinburgh, UK: Interdisciplinary learning and teaching provision: findings from a UK study (Lecture Theatre 4)

10.40-12.00 Parallel paper session 1-3 (Lecture Theatres 4, 5 and 6) 

Session 1 (Lecture Theatre 5) 

Orkhon Gantogtokh and Kathleen Quinlan, Oxford Learning Institute, UK: Challenges of designing interdisciplinary postgraduate curricula: case studies of interdisciplinary masters programmes at a research-intensive UK university

Adam Smith and Angela Vickerstaff, Nottingham Trent University, UK: Evaluating consultancy projects as an interdisciplinary learning opportunity for postgraduate students

Vicky Grant and Alison Little, University of Sheffield, UK: Disruption in the library! From hierarchies of knowledge to epistemologies of co-operation 

Session 2 (Lecture Theatre 4)

Marie Evans and Luke Wilson, University of Sheffield, UK: This house believes...using debate to enhance interdisciplinary learning across the Faculty of Science

Elena Riva, University of Warwick, UK: New adventures in the interdisciplinary world 

Elizabeth Hauke, Imperial College London, UK: Using and abusing TBL to sow the seeds of interdisciplinarity

Session 3 (Lecture Theatre 6)

Marcus Hill, Joan Maclean and Melanie Robbins, University of Leeds, UK: Interprofessional learning

Stephen Marshall, University of Strathclyde, UK:Interdisciplinary learning and teaching through the Vertically Integrated Project 

Oliver Johnson, University of Sheffield, UK: Inclusive learning and interdisciplinarity: study skills beyond the curriculum 

12.00 Lunch and poster exhibition* (Arts Tower, Basement)

13.00 - 13.40 Parallel workshop sessions 1-3 (Richard Roberts Building and Lecture Theatre 4)

Workshop 1: Laura Meagher, University of Edinburgh, UK: Interdisciplinary integration: whose responsibility? (Richard Roberts Building, Seminar Room A87) 

Workshop 2: Willy Kitchen, Camilla Priede, David Vessey, Anthony Warde, University of Sheffield, UK: 'The interdivisibility (sic) of trans-disciplinary learning: highest common factors or lowest common denominators?' (Richard Roberts Building, Seminar Room A84)

Workshop 3: Andrea Haker, Linda de Greef, Jasper ter Schegget, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands: Interdisciplinary teamwork (Richard Roberts Building, Seminar Room A85) 

13.40 Comfort break

14.00-15.20 Parallel paper sessions 4-6 (Lecture Theatres 4, 5 and 6) 

Session 4 (Lecture Theatre 4) 

Rachel Clements, University of Newcastle, UK: Combined perspectives: reflections on introducing an interdisciplinary curriculum 

Ida Kemp, University of Sheffield, UK: Using Vygotsky's relationships as an approach to interdisciplinary study

Beverley Gibbs, University of Sheffield, UK: Crossing boundaries: principles for learning and teaching across applied and social sciences 

Session 5 (Lecture Theatre 6)

Zoe Enstone and Madeleine Newman, University of Leeds, UK: Facilitating interdisciplinary encounters for foundation year learners: a module case study

Bella Madden, University of Bedfordshire, UK: Holistic education for holistic practitioners: reaching the whole student in midwifery education

Naomi Hetherington, University of Sheffield, UK: Thinking through things: object based learning as an interdisciplinary framework to learning and teaching

Session 6 (Lecture Theatre 5) 

Pinar Kaygan, Selin Gurdere, Arsev Umur Aydinoglu, Harun Kaygan, Ozumcan Demir, Middle East Technical University, Turkey: Do you know what a sensor is? Peer learning in interdisciplinary design teams

Deborah Sporton, University of Sheffield, UK: Critical interdisciplinarity: insights from the GLOSS initiative 

Jasper Homminga and Jennifer L Herek, University of Twente, Netherlands: New engineering teaching and learning at the interface of technology and social science

15.30 David Morrison, University of Plymouth, UK: New evidence on interdisciplinarity and how we can teach it (Lecture Theatre 4) 

16.00 Drinks reception and poster exhibition* (Arts Tower, Basement)


Emma Yarwood, Jane McKeown, Catherine Tattersall, University of Sheffield, UK: Using life story work with people with dementia to promote shared learning with speech and language therapy and nursing students: a pilot project

Rachel Carter, Plymouth University, UK: Making a difference: a qualitative study to demonstrate the educational benefit of interprofessional placements across the health disciplines 

Gaetano Lotrecchiano, Paige McDonald, Kenneth Harwood, Ozgur Ekmekci, George Washington University, USA: Learning theory, operative model, and challenges in developing a framework for collaborative, translatable and implementable doctoral research

Tom Foster and David Reid, University of Sheffield, UK: Positive reflection and projection: iTunesU and Dementia Futures 

David Cameron, University of Sheffield, UK: ROBO-GUIDE: interdisciplinary collaborations in creating a robot tour guide

Patrick Rickles, University College London, UK: Learning GIS in interdisciplinary research: by hook or by crook