Engaged Learning Sheffield Network

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The Engaged Learning Sheffield Network brings together practitioners from across the University who deliver engaged learning and teaching, and aims to facilitate the development of supportive interactions. It might be that you are experienced in delivering this type of teaching, and would like to share your experiences – both challenges and successes - with others in a similar position. The network is also for those with less experience in this kind of activity, who might want to learn from those who have undertaken engaged learning initiatives.

Engaged learning and teaching is about recognising that learning from and with communities outside of our own enables a deeper more mutually enriching understanding to emerge.

dr David Forrest, school of english

Whether you have years of experience in this area or are wanting to develop a new initiative, the Engaged Learning Sheffield Network might be helpful as it offers the opportunity to gain an insight into how others at Sheffield approach this type of activity; what has worked for them and what they would do differently; and of course to develop connections and identify opportunities for collaboration.

The network is academic-led, and supported by a group of Engaged Learning Sheffield Champions, who are experienced in designing, delivering and evaluating this type of initiative. Informal meetings are held three times per academic session, and are loosely themed. Each event involves sharing ideas, approaches, and discussing challenges, and aims to provide a supportive space for discussion about engaged learning and teaching.

Join the Engaged Learning Sheffield Network

You can join the network by joining the google group or filling in the form here. This form acts as a joining point for the online community, and will also ensure you receive invitations to the Network events, which happen three times a year.