Map for student engagement

The University of Sheffield’s map for student engagement reflects a commitment to rich and constructive dialogue between staff and students and our offer of an education that inspires and actively engages students in an inclusive, research-intensive environment.

The map is designed to guide staff involved in learning and teaching towards the main areas of student engagement we focus on, allowing for strategic development of student engagement across the institution.

The map covers five areas of student engagement which are distinct but overlapping and examples of different kinds of activity currently underway at TUoS in each of the themed areas are given; these are not exhaustive.

Student Engagement Map (full) 785x554

Engaging students in integrated academic communities

This area is about building rich and inclusive connections amongst students and staff across all aspects of the academic endeavour.

It involves engaging with students through the integration of teaching, research and other significant elements of University life, and facing toward the wider world in the academic inquiry we pursue together.

Engaging students to develop learning and teaching

This area is about engaging students’ expertise in the project of continuously improving our University education.

It involves staff and students working in partnership to enhance aspects of learning provision with the hope of making the experience of education better for everyone.

Engaging students in University governance

This area is about appropriately including students at all levels of the University’s decision-making.

It involves working hard to make it the norm that students’ needs and values are well-represented in departments, faculties and across the University as a whole.

Engaging students as committed, autonomous and active learners

This area is about students’ engagement with learning, on their own and with others.

It is about challenging and enthusing students, supporting them to engage fully with education by preparing well for and participating in taught sessions; by learning collaboratively with peers; and through independent inquiry, invention, creativity and problem-solving.

Engaging student voices to ensure excellence

This area is about ensuring that the breadth and diversity of student perspectives are involved whenever academic provision is reviewed and evaluated.

It involves drawing carefully on students’ experiences to ensure that we always maintain an excellent standard of education

For further support and guidance on working with students, please contact one of the following:

Daniel Morton, Student Voice and Engagement Adviser, Academic Programmes Office (

Scott Dawson, Academic representative coordinator, Students' Union (