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2017-18 Projects

Arts and Humanities

Project Aim: Student Futures - to engage students in preparing for their futures to ensure that they are equipped to take up development opportunities and to make choices for the future that they want to create for themselves.


Project Aim: Investigating student perspectives on the Development of the Sheffield Graduate Engineer Attributes.

Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Project Aim: Identify student perspectives of spaces for learning and teaching in the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health, looking to the future.


Project Aim: Seek to embed the student perceptions of feedback SALT 16-17 project within departments.

Social Science A - Data

Project Aim: Explore what we need to know about students to support them to succeed.

Social Science B - Group work

Project Aim: To understand and improve group assessment practices.


Project Aim: To work with staff to plan, organise and host the British Conference of Undergraduate Research.


Project Aim: To collaboratively prioritise and develop online information and digital literacy solutions for student success, employment and citizenship.