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Learning and Teaching Priority:

Student Perspectives on the Development of the Sheffield Graduate Engineer Attributes

Project outline:

This project will investigate what the student body think the Sheffield Graduate Engineer Attributes should be, to formulate what language should be used to describe the attributes in order to make them appealing to students, and to map and provide examples of where these attributes are addressed in the curricula for the different departments, as advice for students.


Learning and Teaching Priorities:

Internationalisation, Excellence, Curriculum Enhancement, Student Diversity

Project outline:

The Engineering SALT team’s objective this year was to investigate internationalisation within the engineering faculty on both an academic and social perspective. The required outcomes were to conduct a survey capturing the responses of students regarding their views on internationalisation in their own engineering department, encourage students from both from the UK and international to interact more with each other, promote students global awareness on both an academic and social level. As an outcome, the Engineering SALT team are to make recommendations to the engineering faculty as to how best improve internationalisation and provide useful data to highlight students’ views.


Learning and teaching priority:

Student Experience in ‘The Diamond’

Project outline:

The Diamond opened its doors for the first time for the academic year 2015-16. Prior to having this building, the majority of students in the faculty will have been used to being taught primarily in the lecture rooms and labs in their home department where they have a department-specific student support office close by, and primarily mix with students from their home department. In The Diamond, students from several departments are taught together in the labs and will share spaces in the building.

The SALT team gathered feedback from students to evaluate the student experience in the Diamond, considering areas such as resources, support and communication methods, and how the academic community (both in separate subjects and together as Engineering) is supported and encouraged to develop. SALTs created a report with recommendations for enhancing the student experience in the Diamond.


2017-18 and 2016-17

Professional Services Contact: Richard Ward

Academic/Faculty Contact: Alan Dunbar