SALTs - Key Information

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How does the scheme work?

The SALT scheme ran from 2011-2018. Each year, around 50 students were employed as part of the scheme.

SALTs worked in partnership with staff on projects aiming to develop and improve the learning and teaching experience for students.

Each SALT team was given a project brief - they then worked together, in partnership with staff, to shape and deliver their project.

Each team had a Lead SALT to oversee the team's progress throughout the year. 

See the projects page for information on recent SALT projects.

SALT Teams

Each Faculty, along with some professional services, have SALTs working with them on a project each year.

2017-18 Teams:



What our SALTs say

Lead Engineering SALT 2016-17

"The SALT Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for any student to learn more about their faculty and the University and meet and work with other students, all while getting paid with the flexibility to work around their studies!"

Science SALT 2016-17

"I have gained and developed many valuable skills during my role as a SALT. These transferable skills have definitely increased my employability."

Skills SALT 2016-17

"My team were really wonderful people and so I really enjoyed getting to know them all. I really enjoyed overseeing the work done and in particular getting to present the work we had done knowing that I had had a hand in it. We got amazing feedback from our supervisors that made me incredibly proud of my team and our project."

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