Mandatory Training

There are five mandatory training courses for all University staff:

All of these courses are e-learning courses and are listed below. You will need to be signed in with your University log in details.

Many of these courses require renewal every one to two years. You'll receive an email reminder when it's time to renew each course.

Fire Safety

Current Health and Safety Law and the University's Policy and Arrangements and the Fire Safety Policy require that all staff and postgraduate students undertake basic fire awareness training annually.

Fire can present a serious risk to Fundamentally, fire safety is the responsibility of everyone and everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the risks from fire are minimised.

Renewal: annually.

Fire safety training

Protecting Information (Information Security)

Access to key University systems is dependent on the completion of this training requirement.

This course will teach you the basic skills needed to use University information safely and introduces the key concepts of information security.

Our aim is to make the information you need available to you wherever you are and with whatever computing equipment you need to work on, whilst ensuring that the information is protected from harm.

Renewal: every two years.

Protecting Information training

Protecting Personal Data (Information Security)

Access to key University systems is dependent on the completion of this training requirement.

The University is responsible for large amounts of personal data, including data about staff, students, research participants and visitors.

Processing personal data is an essential part of University work but we must do it safely.

Renewal: every two years.

Protecting Personal Data training

Fraud and Bribery

This training has been developed for use across the higher education sector and it offers some really helpful insights into spotting the circumstances of Fraud and Bribery. The course is titled Introduction to Counter Fraud.

Access to the online training is via the British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) web pages. The e-learning quick registration process needs to be completed before you take the course.

Register here

Once registered with BUFDG, you can login to the e-learning platform and select the Introduction to Counter Fraud course.

Login here

Separate e-learning courses are also available from this platform on the Criminal Finances 2017 and The Bribery Act should you wish to take these in addition to the above.

The Introduction to Counter Fraud course should only take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

Renewal: All staff must take this course at least once, including all new starters as part of their induction. It is then at the discretion of individual departments as to when colleagues should refresh their training and retake the course. It is highly recommended that colleagues who manage finances/assets as part of their role or have specific responsibilities for countering or reporting fraud, retake the course every 12-18 months.

Supporting our students

This online course provides information about the various support services that are available for students. It will help you to quickly and confidently signpost students to the advice and support they need.

It will take about 20 minutes to complete. On completion, you will receive access to a resource guide of the course information to refer to when needed. 

Renewal: every two years.

Supporting our Students training