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Create your own switch-off plan

At the University, our biggest carbon impact comes from electricity; it's also the thing we have most control over.

Switching off every weekend in the Arts Tower would save 24 tonnes of carbon per year – picture this as 24 full hot air balloons.

Switch-off - quick wins

Make sure you switch off and unplug before you leave each evening and before longer periods out of the office.

  • Make sure monitors are switched off, not just on standby
  • Close the windows
  • Unplug all chargers and other unnecessary equipment
  • Switch off the lights

Hot air balloons


Help get our recycling rates back on track by using the blue recycling bins for more than just paper and card.

The blue recycling bins are also for cans, tins, glass, foil and plastics (polythene, bottles, pots, tubs, trays) – just give them a quick rinse if needed.

The black rubbish bin is for tissues, hand towels, dirty food cartons, coffee cups and food waste.

Recycling poster

Travel –Electric cars

Ideal for business visits to University sites such as the AMRC and Northern General Hospital.

Book an electric car