10 years together at the top

Last week, Sheffield Students’ Union hosted an event to celebrate its strong relationship with the University. The event was called 10 years together at the top in recognition of our Students’ Union having been ranked as best Students’ Union in the UK for the last decade.

The event celebrated and reaffirmed the commitment between the University and the Students’ Union to continue working together on our common goals and missions, including improving connections in learning and teaching and enhancing our student experience.

The Students’ Union President Lillian Jones talked about how the strength of the partnership between the University and the Students’ Union has helped them to be ranked best in the country for ten years.

Our President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Koen Lamberts talked about the values that underpin partnerships and the importance of working together to further common causes.

He said: "Students really are at the heart of this university and we are very lucky to have the best students' union in the country. I look forward to working with you to build and sustain an open, active and supportive University community."

Su celebration

We go way back

Our University and Students’ Union have enjoyed a positive and respectful relationship since 1906, when the statutes read: “There shall be a Students’ Union of the University and the University shall take steps to ensure that the Students’ Union acts fairly and democratically and is accountable for its finances.”

Our new agreement

Last year in July 2017 the University and Students’ Union signed a new agreement to reflect their shared aims and ambitions.

In the agreement, the University renewed its commitment to providing the highest possible quality education and student experience and maintaining the long history of working with students to ensure their needs are met.

The Students’ Union committed to ensuring its members have the best university experience, including working to remove barriers for students, representing, supporting and enhancing their time at the University.

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