A Part of Sheffield: celebrating the contribution of our non-UK EU colleagues

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A Part of Sheffield is a photography exhibition which shares and celebrates the stories of our non-UK EU colleagues who have made a life and home in Sheffield. The photographs show staff at work and in the places they care about in Sheffield.

Portrait photographer and local Sheffield resident, Jeremy Abrahams, was commissioned to photograph 11 members of staff who represent a range of occupations and departments across the University, and a range of other EU countries. Each participant is represented by a series of portraits and documentary-style images of them at work and in familiar places in Sheffield, helping to tell their stories about what it means to be a part of Sheffield and how they contribute to the University and the City.

The photography exhibition will be traveling to two locations on campus in August:

  • 6 - 17 August - Jessop West Foyer
  • 20 - 31 August - The Diamond Ground Floor Exhibition Space.

All staff are welcome to visit the exhibition and can show their support by tweeting @sheffunistaff and using the hashtags #PartofSheffield #WeAreSheffield #WeAreInternational

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EU staff

About the project

A Part of Sheffield is a project that forms part of the University’s ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of our international community. The project evolved from engagement with our non-UK EU staff, who wanted to share their sense of belonging to the City and the communities in which they live, work and socialise, whilst highlighting their personal concerns about the vote to leave the EU and the sense of uncertainty and change that this has brought.

The ‘A Part of Sheffield’ exhibition has been launched internally to the University community and will travel around campus through pop-up exhibitions. An external launch to the City will take place at an event in the autumn. It is then hoped that the exhibition will travel to different public spaces in the city for members of the public to visit.

About Jeremy Abrahams

Jeremy is new to photography. He started working as an economist in London, then trained as a teacher in Sheffield, working in Derbyshire schools for 14 years before becoming an education consultant for Barnsley Council. When he was made redundant, he took the opportunity to do a foundation degree in photography at Sheffield College. This led him to develop a new creative career as a portrait and theatre photographer – in his words, allegedly just a few years from retirement age!

Jeremy sees migration as one of the pre-eminent issues of our age. The flow of people fleeing conflict and the free movement of labour within the EU have made us all more aware of migration issues. Yet migration has always been with us; what seems to change are attitudes towards it. Jeremy’s desire to humanise immigration and represent it positively led him to develop his photographic work in this area. ‘Arrivals: Making Sheffield Home’ at Weston Park Museum was his first solo exhibition, followed by ‘Remain / Leave’ at Sheffield Train Station.

Jeremy is currently working on a project about trafficking and modern slavery for the University’s Festival of the Mind, in collaboration with a group of our academics and three other Sheffield based organisations which support survivors of trafficking and modern slavery.

Find out more about Jeremy and his work