Ask Care Tell

The ACT: Ask, Care, Tell Campaign has been developed as part of a HEFCE-funded project entitled: ‘Empowering Students to take an active role in the University community – combating harassment, sexual violence and hate crime’. The overall project has three main goals:

  • To understand student experiences of hate crime, harassment and sexual violence and to understand staff responses to student disclosures.
  • To embed an understanding of bystander intervention across the student community through the development and implementation of an awareness campaign.
  • To embed disclosure and support training more widely across the university, focussing on staff.

Working in partnership with the Students’ Union, Student Support and Student Communications an Awareness Campaign and pledge has been developed to encourage students to be an active bystander. Through ACT, students can show that they stand up for and stand with, members of the University community who are affected by issues such as sexual harassment, hate crime, aggressive behaviour or substance misuse.

ACT stands for:

ASK – I will talk to friends about issues they are struggling with
CARE – I will look after friends on nights out and in community spaces
TELL – I will report concerns about abuse to members of staff

The campaign asks students to sign a pledge that they will ACT. During the Campaign Fortnight (9 -16 October), students will be able to collect a wristband to show their support for the campaign. This will be supported by a blog by the Women’s Officer and from ‘Consent Champions’.

Visit the ACT website here.

We would like to encourage you to share information about the ACT campaign with students, via email or over social media with student groups / in Departments throughout the campaign period (and beyond!).

Messages from Shef Uni Students and Students’ Union regarding the ACT campaign could also be retweeted or shared.

Physical copies of campaign posters, leaflets, materials, pens and pledge wrist-bands are available on request.

Films, five accompanying issue-specific mini-films and digital screens in a variety of sizes are available on request. Please email

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Empowering Students Project and ACT Campaign, please email