Update on the University of Sheffield AMRC

Dear colleague,

As you will be aware the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is one of our great success stories. It continues to be an extremely important part of our University and I wanted to take this opportunity to outline plans for its future.

The AMRC's Executive Dean Professor Keith Ridgway decided to take partial retirement at the end of last month along with his wife Christine (Department Manager), who have both been instrumental in the development and growth of the AMRC. Executive Directors Adrian Allen and John Baragwanath have also decided that it is the right time for them to step down as the AMRC moves into a new chapter.

We, and indeed the Sheffield City Region, owe all four of them huge thanks for their contribution to developing a research and development ecosystem that has helped to transform the UK's manufacturing sector. It is a testament to their dedication, innovation and creativity that the University of Sheffield AMRC is known around the world for its excellence in advanced manufacturing translational research and development.

As a University, we are committed to building on this important work and have in place strong, robust and experienced leadership teams across the whole of the AMRC, which includes the Nuclear AMRC and AMRC Training Centre. These teams will be driving forward both existing and new projects as the AMRC continues to grow and thrive.

We are fully committed to the long-term development of the AMRC in fulfilling its core mission, which has always revolved around collaborative R&D with industrial partners to improve productivity, performance, processes and skills to boost UK manufacturing. We are looking forward to an exciting future.

Best wishes,

Professor Dave Petley
Vice-President for Research and Innovation