Three books from Sheffield Authors Showcase for Black History Month

The Sheffield Authors Showcase at Western Bank Library launched last month. Celebrating the impact of research and teaching at our University, the exhibition features a collection of over 500 outstanding books from academic authors at the University, both past and present, selected by our staff, students and alumni as having had a significant impact on their thinking.

The Showcase honours the achievements of our academic community, both by celebrating their contribution to academic endeavour and by recognising the effect that their scholarly works have had on their readers.

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For Black History month October 2018, we’re featuring three works from the Showcase from black authors past and present at the University:

Psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis: Pathology and clinical aspects by Adewale Adebajo

Professor Ade Adebajo is a Consultant Rheumatologist and Clinical Director at Barnsley Hospital. He is also a Professor of Rheumatology and Health Services Research and Associate Director of Teaching at the University of Sheffield Medical School. He is on the editorial board of several international journals and has edited several books. He is a member of INVOLVE, the Department of Health funded body that oversees patient and public involvement in research nationally and he chairs the South Yorkshire Group for Patient and Public Involvement in Research.

His book is a guide for dermatologists containing up to date information on managing the skin disease psoriasis. It includes the latest reference on treatments related to the immune dysregulation and unchecked inflammatory cytokines driving psoriasis.

Childhoods at the intersection of the local and the global by Afua Twum-Danso Imoh

Dr Afua Twum-Danso Imoh is a Lecturer in the Sociology of Childhood. She joined the University's Department of Sociology in September 2008 after completing her PhD at the Centre of West African Studies, the University of Birmingham. Prior to taking up this post, she was a Visiting Lecturer in Children's Rights at Roehampton University. Afua's professional experience has also included working for ECPAT International, an international non-governmental organisation based in Bangkok, Thailand working against the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and undertaking consultancies for the Institute of Security Studies based in Pretoria, South Africa and the Ghana NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child in Accra, Ghana.

Her book examines the imposition of the modern Western notion of childhood, now deemed as universal, on other cultures and explores how local communities react to these impositions in various ways such as manipulation, outright rejection and acceptance. The book discusses childhoods in different regions of the world and boasts a range of contributors from several academic disciplines who are experts on the regions they discuss. The book argues against the notion of a universal childhood and illustrates that different societies around the world have different notions of childhood.

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Contemporary Nigerian Theatre by Professor Olu Obafemi

Professor Olu Obafemi is a Nigerian playwright, poet and scholar. He came to the University of Sheffield from Nigeria to study an MA in English Literature. He is now a Professor of English at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, and President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). He is a notable critic of contemporary theatre in Nigeria.

His book has been upheld by notable African scholars as the most comprehensive seminal book on Contemporary Nigerian Theatre, capturing leading Nigerian Theatre practitioners over four decades.

Juice Book club for Black History Month

At this month's Juice Book Group we will be celebrating Black History Month. The group is open to all staff, book your place to discuss the books and authors that matter to you.