Best Companies Day, 3 March 2017

On Friday 3 March there is a UK-wide celebration of the country’s best places to work called National Best Companies Day. This is an opportunity to celebrate that we're listed in The Sunday Times 100 best companies 2017. Feel free to celebrate however you like in your own teams. Here are just a few suggestions:

The Great British Bake Off

Challenging your team to serve up the tastiest showstoppers and technical bakes is a fun way to bring people together. 

Bringing this idea to life

  • Challenge volunteers to create their take on a classic British cake, pastry or confectionery
  • Appoint a Paul Hollywood and a Mary Berry to taste-test each entry and find out who is star baker
  • Remember, it’s not all about taste – participants should also think about presentation. 

Question Time

If you’d like to mix a bit of fun with a really meaningful way to bring people together, a Question Time-themed event is a great way to do it. It gives people a chance to ask questions direct to leaders. They can be tough questions, fun questions or just questions about things that are on people’s minds.

Bringing this idea to life

  • You’ll need to create an area where colleagues can sit facing a panel of your faculty or department leaders and/or managers and appoint someone as David Dimbleby to moderate the debate and pick people from the audience with questions.


Find out who the smartest people in your team really are by putting on a Mastermind-themed day, inviting people to answer questions on their specialist subjects.

It could be questions about what they do at work, but it’s probably more fun to ask questions about what they really love.

Bringing this idea to life

  • Ask volunteers to submit their specialist subject and come up with some questions for each, ranging from the simple to the niche
  • You’ll also need to appoint a Magnus Magnusson to ask the questions and have a stopwatch on hand to provide the countdown clock.