Join us in celebrating Bi Visibility Day

SarahSaturday 23 September is Bi Visibility Day, an international celebration of bisexuality that has been marked each year since 1999. It aims to highlight the challenges faced by bisexual people and bring visibility to the bisexual community.

The University is a proud member of Stonewall and for four years running has been in the Top 100 Workplaces for LGBT Equality. Profiling international LGBT awareness days such as Bi Visibility Day is just one way that the University supports workplace equality and inclusion for our staff and students.

Bisexuality is just as ‘real’ as being straight or gay.

Sarah Shahid, LGBT staff network committee member

Sarah Shahid is a member of our LGBT staff network committee and has worked as a clerical assistant in the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) since joining the University in 2008.

As an out and proud bisexual, Sarah is passionate about working towards eradicating biphobia and bi-invisibility and has delivered conference workshops on these subjects.

Sarah said: “Biphobia is ever-prevalent in today’s society. Bisexual people find themselves questioned over their sexuality and it’s quite common for people to be dismissive of bisexuality.”

“It’s important to celebrate bisexuality and people who are proud to say that they feel attracted to both men and women. I’ve had all the usual comments: I’m greedy, it’s a phase, and I’m sat on the fence. Well at 45 years old, I’ve been sat on that fence for long enough now that I have splinters in my behind! Bisexuality is just as ‘real’ as being straight or gay.”

Our LGBT allies programme, Open@TUoS, launched in January 2016 and now has over 1,200 staff supporters who can wear a rainbow lanyard to visibly demonstrate their commitment to LGBT equality and inclusion.

Additional visible resources are now available including door signs, tote bags and badges. All staff can become an Open@TUOS supporter, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

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