The untold story of the Big Walk

It turns out that last year's Big Walk may have helped to save one more life. John Cocking, Head of Finance in the Faculty of Engineering, tells his incredible story.

John Cocking

"Last year’s Big Walk was key at highlighting a congenital heart defect that for 49 years had gone unnoticed. I had experienced some lightheadedness in training up in the Lake District and again on the day on the way up from Malin Bridge. I was quickly lined up for a big open heart operation and a new replacement aortic valve. It looks like the Big Walk may have indirectly saved one more life.

"I'm still off work but making really good progress and, all being well, hope to be back in work at the beginning of June. Subject to continued recovery going to plan, my consultant has given me the green light to give this year's walk a go – all 37 miles!

"I'm super motivated and looking forward to the challenge of ongoing recovery and making it three out of three, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

"Having completed and enjoyed the last two walks, I especially want do this third walk and use it as a challenge and personal goal. I feel I personally owe the Big Walk a huge debt of personal gratitude. Continuing to support it therefore is a privilege, a celebration and also my way of saying a big thank you to it for just possibly helping save my life."

Are you up for the challenge?

This year you decide – run or walk 23 or 37 miles to raise money for Sheffield Scholarships.

If you take part. you can take the day off without using annual leave. Before you can accept a place offered, the terms of your leave must be agreed with your line manager and, if need be, in consultation with your department HR advisor.

Register for the Big Walk 2019, Friday 28 June