Keep up to date with the latest research journals

Looking to stay current with your favourite journals and across disciplines? Now you can with BrowZine, a new mobile-friendly service helping you to browse and read journals quickly and easily. Our University Library subscribes to this services so you can use it for free.

Available as a mobile app and on your browser, BrowZine is a quick, easy way to explore the thousands of online journals available to you as a University of Sheffield researcher. You can create personalised bookshelves of your favourite journals and receive notifications when newspapers are published. BrowZine lets you save papers to your phone or tablet and read them offline.

You can find the desktop version of BrowZine here or download the free app from Apple, Amazon and Google Play.

The first time you use the app you’ll be prompted to select the University of Sheffield from a list and enter your MUSE username and password. We’ll be incorporating BrowZine into StarPlus later this academic year so watch out for new developments.

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