A collaborative approach to bike rental around campus

The University of Sheffield is retiring its fleet of Sheffield ByCycles, the automated bike rental scheme covering campus, our student residences and the city centre.

traffic light with bicycle symbol

The arrival of a dockless bike rental scheme in the city run by Ofo offers an initial 500 bikes across the city centre and the University is working closely with the new providers to ensure that registered riders on our existing scheme can transfer their credit amount for use with Ofo.

The University campus is also a priority area for the company, whose first release of 500 bikes will soon be doubled – they are gradually increasing the amount after gauging usage patterns. In collaboration with Ofo, we want to establish virtual parking hubs for University riders, increasing the reliability of getting a bike when you need one.

Darren Hardwick, Sustainable Travel Manager for the University, said: “As well as the transfer of funds for our 1,300 registered riders, we’re working with the Ofo team to establish a system where their bikes are positioned in convenient areas for staff, such as around campus and at the train station.

“Ofo offer more bikes and a flexible, easy interface for users. By working together, we aim to provide an equivalent service.”

The University of Sheffield scheme ends at midnight on 31 January 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Darren Hardwick on d.hardwick@sheffield.ac.uk or 0114 222 9056.


I have credit with the current scheme – will I lose my money?

No – it will be transferred to an Ofo account for use on their scheme. You will be contacted directly with information on how this will happen.

Why are you retiring the Sheffield Bycycle scheme?

By collaborating with Ofo, we can offer a more flexible option for Sheffield residents wanting to utilise an automated bike rental scheme. We subsidise our current scheme and can redeploy these funds into initiatives which will benefit the wider University community such as the Cycle Hub.

How will you ensure there are enough bikes to hire at key points?

As the scheme matures we will continue collaborating with Ofo, which has a Sheffield team responsible for the distribution of bikes across the city. The University is working with organisers to maximise benefits of the scheme to our community and they see our campus as a priority.

Will the current bike stands/docks be retained or replaced?

The bikes and stands will be removed. We are working with Ofo to increase the amount of virtual parking hubs where bikes will be located.

How do I rent an Ofo?

Start by downloading their app – then you can see where the bikes are located.

Will it cost me the same?

No, the new scheme charges 50p for rides which are up-to half an hour.