On CampUS Placements: employ a student in your department

On CampusCould you host a student to complete a work placement in your department? Now in its sixth year, On CampUS Placements offers you the opportunity to benefit from the up-to-date skills and knowledge that a student can offer with the added incentive of up to 100 per cent funding to cover the cost of employing a student.

What do I need to know?

Placements can be based within faculties, individual departments and Professional Services departments. Projects should appeal to our diverse student population and can utilise the specific academic knowledge and skills that our students have, as well as projects which may appeal to students from any degree discipline. Placements must be based within the department and should offer a secure and supportive work environment with on-the-job training and mentoring through regular reviews and feedback.

Placements can comprise of 50 to 100 hours to suit your needs. Placement length can be selected upon submission. Please bear in mind, students can only complete a maximum of 16 hours per week during term time. On CampUS Placements is open to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.

What support would I receive?

The Careers Service will administer the registration and payment of the student as well as advertising and promoting your On CampUS Placement to students. The team are also available to support you throughout the process, providing advice on putting together a proposal and working with the student throughout the placement.

How do I apply for funding?

On CampUS Placements are open now and will remain open until Wednesday 24 October at 5pm. There will be a second round of applications later in this semester (date tbc).

You can choose to apply for a number of funding options such as: for the placement to be fully funded by the Careers Service; for the placement to be co-funded between your departement and the Careers Service; or, offer to fully fund the placement yourself.

Apply to host a student

For any enquiries, please read our FAQs below or contact Luke Featherstone via l.featherstone@sheffield.ac.uk or by calling 0114 222 0904.


What kind of work should the placement involve?

The placement should be project-based rather than ad hoc tasks. It can be something that contributes to an existing piece of work or something that will help to launch a new project. If possible, the student should have the opportunity to work on a range of tasks to develop a variety of skills. The placement should also be of an appropriate level for a student intern and something which they can reasonably complete within the designated placement length.

What type of projects are we looking for?

  • Both non vocational and degree specific projects are welcomed, for example market research, data analysis, research, product development, social media strategy, product development, events management
  • Projects that enable development of student skills and have a clearly defined project outcome
  • Placements that will last for 50 to 100 hours. The length must be specified before the placement begins
  • Placements that are mutually beneficial to both the student in their skill development and to the university department/institution in achieving their strategic goals (for example, the University Learning & Teaching Strategy)

What projects would not be suitable?

  • Research that contributes towards a student’s degree e.g. their dissertation
  • Work that would usually be undertaken by a current member of staff or a temp worker
  • Routine administration tasks such as envelope stuffing, filing, answering phones or photocopying
  • Projects where the student would undertake a significant amount of lone working
  • Projects that are not based within the University

Can the placement be less than 100 hours long?

Yes. For the first time we are accepting placements of any length between 50 and 100hrs. This is to allow you to decide the most appropriate length for the size of the project that you are proposing. Upon application, you will be asked to breakdown the placement hours and the On CampUS Panel will take this into consideration when reviewing the appropriateness of our applications.

Can the student complete their placement from home?

No, departments must also be able to provide their placement student with a suitable working place. On CampUS Placements are designed to give students a realistic experience of what it is like to work at The University of Sheffield.

For this reason, students must not be expected to work from home or to complete their placement from any university library. Departments must be sure that a suitable workspace can be found for their placement student before applying for an On CampUS Placement.

Can I specify that the student must be studying a specific subject?

Yes, if you have a specific reason as to why this subject is fundamentally necessary for the role. This can be specified in section 3 of the On CampUS Placement Application Form under ‘Person Specification’.

The information mentions that a minimum of 5 hours for reflection must be included in the placement; what does this mean?

Because the On CampUS Placements programme is designed to develop students’ skills, we build in an element of reflection to the placement where the student can consider the bigger picture and how they may reference this placement in future job applications or interviews. During the placement hours, the line manager must allow a minimum of 5 hours for this to be spent on reflection. This could cover the initial planning meeting, mid-point review and feedback session; feeding back on their project to their team via presentation or report; developing their end of placement poster submission; writing their case study.

I’ve applied for an On CampUS Placement before; can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply as many times as you want to. We always look to offer a diverse variety of placements to students so any new ideas you have are very welcome.

How will the placements be advertised to students?

Successful projects will be advertised via our vacancy site - Career Connect.

Students will be asked to apply directly to you via email by submitting a CV and covering letter, unless otherwise specified. You will be responsible for selecting a suitable applicant. Guidance about the recruitment process is available from the Placement Team.

When do the placements start and how long do they last?

Once you have received approval of your project, we would advise that you book in interview dates so that the appointment and approval process can be undertaken as quickly as possible.

Once you have selected a student, the Careers Service will need to undertake an Eligibility to Work check before the student can start their placement with you. The student can start as soon as this check is completed.

The length of an On CampUS Placement is up to you. You can choose any length between 50 and 100 hours. Students can only complete a maximum of 16 hours per week during term time. All placements must be completed by Friday 5 July 2019.

What is expected of the student during the placement?

On CampUS Placement students are expected to meet the following requirements as part of the programme:

  • Work with the host department to complete the tasks as outlined in the advertised job role
  • Commit to working all of the hours agreed to at the start of the placement
  • Complete a placement poster showcasing their experience and the skills that they have developed; guidance for completing this is provided by the Placement Team

Who pays who and when?

The student will receive a bursary for taking part in this scheme. This is either jointly funded by the placement department providing 50% and the Careers Service providing the remaining 50%; fully funded by the placement department; or fully funded by the Careers Service.

The students are paid a bursary of the equivalent of £10 per hour. E.g. if the placement is 60 hours long the student will receive a bursary of £600.

The University of Sheffield Careers Service will process the payment for the student. A time sheet completed by the student and verified by their line manager will be required to ensure the necessary hours have been completed.

The student will need to submit a copy of their time sheet halfway through their placement and again at the end of the placement. Their final submission will need to be accompanied by their end of placement poster.

Can I keep the student on after the end of the scheme?

Yes of course, although the Careers Service would not be involved in any subsequent engagement of the student.