CiCS Green Impact Festival, 13-15 March 2019

The CiCS Green Impact Team warmly invites you to join us for our first annual Green Impact Festival.

Over three days we will be covering three topics relating to Green Impact, with guest speakers, activities, information points and more.

The event will take place in the Hawley Room, 10-12 Brunswick Street, with the following topics:

Wednesday 13 March 12 noon - 2pm

Renewables and Sustainability

The focus of this will be to highlight how you can implement renewable energy sources more easily into your day to day life. The University of Sheffield Energy Manager will be there to provide advice and the Sheffield Renewables organisation will be providing materials and information. If weather permits we will also demonstrate some solar technologies.

Thursday 14 March 12 noon - 2pm

Food, Wellbeing and Wildlife

The aim of this will be to encourage people to consider using local suppliers and producers to source their food, we also want to encourage people to grow their own and be mindful of where their food comes from. Sheffield group Regather will be there to offer advice. We will also cover health and wellbeing with how you can implement a healthier diet at an affordable cost, some easy exercise and also looking after your mental health, the University of Sheffield's Juice program have provided a number of leaflets and freebies highlighting these issues. Lastly, as we are lucky to have a garden in the Brunswick building we will talk about local wildlife and how you can protect it and encourage growth.

Friday 15 March 12 noon - 2pm

Waste Less

This will cover everything from zero waste shops, reducing your use of packagings, recycling and upcycling. Sheffield company Strip the Willow will be there on the day to showcase some of the ways the recycle and upcycle materials, as well as provide advice on how you can do it yourself. Information will be provided about places like the Students Union zero waste store and other similar places around Sheffield, the S6 food bank will also be there to cover this topic.

Everyone and anyone is welcome and if you have anything you think you can bring to the table on any of these dates please feel free to contribute.

We hope to see you all there,

Kind regards
CiCS Green Impact