Concourse redevelopment update


Progress is being made on the refurbishment of the Concourse, which connects Alfred Denny to the Students’ Union under the A57 flyover.

The Concourse redevelopment is the second phase of the University’s ongoing regeneration of public spaces, which began with the transformation of the Leavygreave Road and Portobello areas, completed last year.

The work being carried out on the Concourse will transform the space into a more vibrant and flexible area, providing a social, safe space with new lighting, an art wall, redesigned green areas and more seating. New paving is replacing the 50-year-old brick surface.

Working with colleagues from the University’s Department of Landscape, there will be new terraced areas with soft planting including hedges, flowers, grassed areas and small trees - this landscaping will start in June. Where possible, removed trees and plants have been recycled across campus.

Concourse old Concourse2

The project has faced unexpected challenges with the site and extended periods of bad weather, so there is a slight delay to the programme. This does mean larger areas of Concourse will be closed for longer periods than originally planned, but the Estates and Facilities Management team are doing everything they can to get the work finished as soon as possible.

In the coming weeks, access down to the ramp to Interval Bar and the Cycle Hub will be reopened. However, the path between the Concourse and the Western Bank crossing will be closed. Buildings and businesses around the Students’ Union remain open as usual, though routes to them might be affected.

We apologise for any inconvenience and are confident that the end result will be well worth the short-term disruption. We expect the project will be complete by the end of summer.

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