Concourse progress update

ConcourseProgress continues on the refurbishment of the Concourse, which connects Alfred Denny to the Students’ Union under the A57 flyover.

Although we’ve made some real progress on the concourse over the summer, a series of unforeseen issues during the construction works has caused some delay.

In spite of detailed on the ground surveys and a comprehensive review of our historical records before we started work, it's only when you start digging that you can be sure of exactly what you will find underground. In the case of the concourse, we’ve discovered a burst water main, undocumented cables, a plant room roof which was compromised during the excavations and, perhaps most surprisingly, a disused well!

All these issues have led to more work and more time needed to sort the problems out, so unfortunately, the concourse redevelopment still has a few more weeks to go before full completion.

We’re sorry not to have it fully completed for the start of the new University year, but the Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) team is working as hard as possible to get everything finished and we now expect all the work to be done later in the autumn term. Thank you all in advance for your patience while the works are completed – and it won’t be much longer before everyone can fully enjoy using this lovely open space at the heart of our campus.

About the Concourse Redevelopment

The Concourse redevelopment is the second phase of the University’s ongoing regeneration of public spaces, which began with the transformation of the Leavygreave Road and Portobello areas, completed last year.

The work being carried out on the Concourse will transform the space into a more vibrant and flexible area, providing a social, safe space with new lighting, an art wall, redesigned green areas and more seating. New paving is replacing the 50-year-old brick surface.

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