Volunteers to help with UK Covid testing capability

The Government is looking for qualified individuals who can help scale up the UK's Covid-19 testing capability as we head into winter.

We have been approached by the UK Government, via the Medical Schools Council, for volunteers to help increase the UK's Covid-19 testing capability over the next 6-12 months. We have already contributed our people, expertise and equipment as part of the national and global effort and are keen to continue providing support where we can.

We think this opportunity may be of interest to colleagues and students in the faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Science, although it is open to any qualified individual.

They are looking for qualified individuals who can help scale up testing capacity as we head into winter, including:

  • Experienced staff, who have already helped to establish the Lighthouse laboratories, to return and extend these programmes. These individuals will help train the next generation of staff, technicians, post-docs or graduate students with molecular biology experience to staff the five lighthouse laboratories in Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Manchester, Newport and Glasgow.
  • Qualified technicians and post-docs with management experience to join the Test and Trace Laboratory Team to help manage overall lab capacity.

Individuals would need to be available to start as soon as possible and for the next 6-12 months. You would join existing teams, be fully trained and reimbursed at your current university rate.

Whilst we are keen to provide as much support as we can, this is an incredibly busy time for our University and we are fully aware of the pressures that many colleagues are under. If you are interested in volunteering and feel that you could be released from your role for the next 6-12 months, please speak with your Head of Department in the first instance. We will need to be confident that you can be released from your current role and that there will be no knock-on effect on other colleagues’ workload.

The Government has asked that we share details of interested individuals this week (w/c 7 September) so please speak to your Head of Department as soon as possible if you are interested.