Word Macro Virus Cyber Attack - update and reminder

This cyber attack continues to affect the University and is now being managed as a University Major Incident. The attack itself is widespread across many organisations and uses a virus to steal emails, bank and credit card details, passwords and keystrokes; resulting in the loss of personal and other confidential information.

Although our systems do block most infected emails, some will always get through. So far approximately 20 University staff have opened this virus, which has resulted in four confirmed compromised accounts (we are in touch with individuals affected). Stolen emails from these accounts are now being used to carry out further attacks by replying to the emails in the account (i.e. sending the virus to tens of thousands of correspondents inside and beyond the University).

Our best defence is vigilance and good practice: Even if an attached document comes from someone you know or seems like a reply to a previous message, you should not ‘enable content’ or 'enable macros’ without verifying that the content is valid. The best way to verify is to contact the sender.

More information on Antivisus advice

If you suspect you have received a virus or confirmed an email is not genuine, please contact IT Service Desk immediately on 0114 222 1111.