Award for Develop, MANAGE, Lead

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We’ve won an award for our integrated approach to staff, leadership and management development.

Universities Human Resources (UHR) recognised Develop, MANAGE, Lead at last night’s (21 May 2015) awards ceremony in Leeds, handing over an award for Organisational Change and Values to colleagues in Human Resources.

Develop, MANAGE, Lead is our new approach to all staff development-related activities. It includes Development Everywhere, MANAGE and the Sheffield Leader.

“All three strands are strong in their own right, but their greatest potential is realised when they work together to support our institutional priorities,” explained Jane Ginniver, HR Manager for Leadership & Management Development.

Examples of this coordinated approach have been the support for implementing new technical structures in the Faculty of Engineering, support for the implementation of The Deal and work to enhance graduate employability.

The four themes of Development Everywhere were used to structure the development programme that supports the Graduate Internships scheme, providing the interns with an opportunity to develop key skills that will benefit them in their future careers.

I give the person I line manage more time to think of their own solution to problems.

Develop, Manage, Lead participant

In the past 12 months more of us have engaged with development in more ways than ever before. 640 of us are part of the development google+ community and there are over 900 Twitter followers for @UniShefStaffDev @SheffieldLeader @ManageSheff combined.

Of the 5,633 staff who visited the Development Everywhere site between January and July, 82 per cent have continued to engage with the resources.

Jane added: “The culture change that is resulting from our coordinated approach to development includes people taking responsibility for their own and others’ development, shifting attitudes to the concept of management and the desire to develop skills to manage effectively. Leadership is being seen as something that we can all aspire to.”

The current Sheffield Leader structure was launched in October 2012, providing leadership development for leaders at all levels of our University. More than 1,000 people are now part of the Sheffield Leader Community and it is a model that a number of other Universities have taken and are applying in their own institutions both in the UK and abroad.

Development Everywhere was implemented in 2014, with the aim of changing the culture around personal skills development. It is underpinned by the ethos that there are opportunities for development everywhere and that learning is based on all that we do and experience, not just about attending training courses. Designed around four themes – Create and innovate, Influence and network, Impact on others, Make decisions – and informed by research undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, the amount of development support available has increased dramatically.

MANAGE is our most recent development offer, providing management development for all those who line manage. We launched the two strands comprising core sessions for Heads of Departments and Departmental Managers, and tailored faculty provision in October 2014. Within two months of the launch, over 160 managers had either attended or signed up to a MANAGE session.