Staff development opportunities through apprenticeships


With SRDS just around the corner, it’s the time of year when many of us are thinking about our career objectives and development. This year there are new opportunities for staff development through undertaking an apprenticeship that sits alongside your day to day role.

Staff at all levels across the organisation could benefit from undertaking an apprenticeship. With over 300 approved Apprenticeship standards covering a wide range of occupations, spanning from level 2 (GCSE) through to level 7 (Master’s degree), it’s very likely you’ll be able to find a relevant apprenticeship.

If you have identified development needs for yourself or a member of your team, consider the option of undertaking a relevant apprenticeship as a member of staff. There are currently over 45 staff on apprenticeships across the University, with standards covering accountancy to business administration to digital marketing.

You can find out more about apprenticeships for staff on our apprenticeship web pages.

You can also take a look at the Institute for Apprenticeships webpages to see the types of apprenticeships on offer.

If you’ve got any questions please contact Beth Asquith, Apprenticeship Project Manager, on

Senior Leadership Apprenticeships

This year we’re also pleased to be able to offer an exciting opportunity to undertake either an MSc or an MBA in Senior Leadership. Delivered by our Management School, this provision embeds the University’s strategic goals of excellence and ambition and builds on the achievements and values of Sheffield Leader and current good practice across the University.

Whilst priority consideration will be given to those in key leadership roles, including HoD’s, Faculty Directors, Departmental Executive teams and Departmental Managers (administrative and technical), we are happy to consider applications from other roles. if you’re interested in finding out more about this opportunity and associated nominations process, please contact Beth Asquith, Apprenticeship Project Manager, on