Discover the lives of the Sheffield peregrines

Join us for a free event celebrating our University’s resident peregrine falcons, including a chance to see the new fledglings!

Our Sheffield Peregrine Evening will take place on Thursday 14 June from 6pm-8.30pm in St George's Church Lecture Theatre.

The event is free to attend, but any donations to support the study of Sheffield’s peregrines will be gratefully received.

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A peregrine falcon in flight

The celebration will begin with a chance to view the adult and fledgling peregrines from the Churchyard. Please bring your own binoculars if possible - a few pairs will be available to borrow.

This will be followed by a range of talks by colleagues from across our University who can offer some insight into the lives of these fascinating birds.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

  • Professor David Wood (Sheffield Bird Study Group, UoS) - The Sheffield Peregrine Project (2008-2018)
  • Emma Hughes (Sorby Breck Ringing Group) - The highs and highs of ringing this year's chicks
  • Dr Deborah Dawson - DNA studies and conservation
  • Dr Natalie dos Remedios -
    1. DNA analyses, including the big reveal - Results of the DNA sexing of this year's chick.
    2. An examination this year's unhatched egg (egg examined by Dr Nicola Hemmings (UoS))
  • Tom Grose & Jack Ashton-Booth (RSPB Birdcrime Investigations Team) - Peregrine and Bird of prey persecution

The evening promises some exciting discoveries for all animal enthusiasts.

Our peregrine family

Baby peregrines

The magnificent peregrines have been a regular feature of our University skyline since they first bred successfully in 2012.

High over St George’s Church Lecture Theatre on our specially-established nesting platform, the developmental journey of each year's new fledglings has become a source of fascination for Sheffield's entire community. 

Our academics have also conducted research to help us understand more about the falcons, and in collaboration with special groups including Sheffield Bird Study Group. 

Established by Professor David Wood, the Sheffield Peregrines blog provides regular updates on the peregrines' progress. Meanwhile, live footage from both the perch and the nest allows you to catch a glimpse of these magnificent birds.

Take a look at what our peregrine falcons are up to right now.

Read the blog on their daily lives