Education update: putting students at the heart of programme design, assessment and feedback


Professor Wyn Morgan, our Vice-President for Education, provides an update on learning and teaching. Find out more about student-centred programme design by attending one of the upcoming a drop-in sessions and register to attend the Learning and Teaching Conference 2019 to share best practice on assessement and feedback.

Programme Level Approach: assessment and feedback

As I mentioned in my last update, as a University we are moving towards a Programme Level Approach. This means taking a holistic rather than a modular approach to the way we design programmes, to ensure that over the course of their degrees, students have the opportunity to acquire a breadth of knowledge and skills, are assessed fairly but rigorously, and receive helpful and timely feedback.

This is the biggest change to our learning and teaching since the 1990s, and is something all departments should have implemented by the end of the current learning and teaching strategy in 2021.

Watch my video overview of PLA

This year departments have been asked to focus on reviewing and improving assessment and feedback. This involves mapping the type, frequency and timing of assessment across programmes in order to understand how this might affect student learning and wellbeing.

PLA drop-in sessions

I appreciate that since we began our work on Programme Level Approach, a number of new staff members have joined the University and/or moved into new roles. Others may simply have questions about PLA, such as the principles underpinning it and our plans for its implementation.

To give staff an opportunity to find out more about the project and ask questions about how it will impact work and planning, I will be holding PLA drop-in sessions on the following dates:

I will be joined at the drop-ins by my deputy, Brendan Stone, Michelle Nolan, Director of Academic Programmes and Student Engagement, and Emma Packham, PLA Project Lead, Strategic Change Office.

Further opportunities to discuss PLA will be arranged in due course. Until then you can find out more on the PLA website. Alternatively, find out who your departmental PLA lead is here.

Learning and Teaching Conference – registration open

I am pleased to announce that registration is open for the Thirteenth Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, which will take place in the Students' Union building on Tuesday 8 January 2019, 9–4.30pm

We are delighted to announce a packed and diverse programme of talks and workshops focussing on the theme of assessment and feedback for student learning.

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Register for the 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference