Take our new e-learning module on transgender awareness

Today (Friday 31 March 2017) marks International Transgender Day of Visibility, dedicated to celebrating trans people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide.


We aim to create a fully inclusive University where people feel valued and that they can be themselves at work. 

With this in mind, we've launched a new e-learning module through MOLE. It's available to all staff, and is designed to help people understand trans issues and experiences.

Fostering openness and increasing understanding are two ways we can tackle discrimination and help our University be fully trans inclusive. Our e-learning module aims to help people feel more informed.

The module is available to all staff, and provides guidance on:

  • Transgender terminology, language and etiquette
  • Social, legal and work-related issues that trans colleagues can encounter
  • What gender reassignment means for people
  • What constitutes discrimination
  • The equality act
  • Data protection

It only takes 30 minutes to complete in one go but you don't have to finish it in the same period.

With videos and a transcript plus test yourself sections, it's a helpful resource for all staff whether you identify as trans, want to understand the experience of a friend or colleague, or you would just like more information about trans issues.

Professor Gill Valentine, Vice-President and Head of Faculty (Social Sciences), and senior LGBT champion, said: "As part of the University's clear and ongoing commitment to LGBT equality, our trans inclusion work is a key area of focus moving forward. We strive to ensure that individuals identifying as transgender feel supported within the University community and are respected as their authentic selves through our policy, awareness-raising and storytelling."

Take the e-learning  module

1-Log into MUSE
2-Open My Services and then MOLE.
3-Click here to enroll (you need to be logged into MOLE first). You’ll arrive at “Enrol in organisation: hur - e-learning resources”.
2-Click submit
3-Click OK to continue
4-You’ll see several training options - select the fifth one down in the list, Transgender Awareness.

How we’re promoting excellence through inclusion

We’re a top 100 employer for workplace equality

In January we were ranked in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index 2017, the definitive list showcasing the best employers for LGBT equality.

Open@TUoS means we can all support equality, diversity and inclusion


Open@TUoS is our initiative to empower all staff to help create an open, inclusive environment for LGBT colleagues and students at the University.

So far, more than 1050 colleagues from across the University have signed up to Open@TUoS, many of whom are wearing rainbow lanyards showing their support for LGBT equality and inclusion

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We’re making sure equality is reflected in our University facilities

There are now gender neutral toilets in the Diamond and Students’ Union, with plans to install more across campus.