Elected staff membership of the Senate

Dear colleagues

By the closing date of 5 June 2020, the position with respect to nominations for elected staff membership of the Senate in six of the seven categories (there were no vacancies for the Faculty of Science) was as set out below, with elections required in four of the six categories. Voting in the consequent election concluded at midnight on Sunday 28 June 2020 and I declare the following persons elected to membership of the Senate for the period 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2023.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (1 vacancy, 0 nominations, no election required):


Faculty of Engineering (1 vacancy, 3 nominations, 225 votes cast):

- Dr Candice Majewski

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health (2 vacancies, 7 nominations, 212 votes cast):

- Dr Edith Poku
- Professor Christopher Stokes

Faculty of Social Sciences (1 vacancy, 7 nominations, 230 votes cast):

- Dr Ross Bellaby

Extra-Faculty (2 vacancies, 2 nominations, no election required):

- Dr Sarah Hale
- Dr David Vessey

Professional Roles (2 vacancies, 9 nominations, 331 votes cast):

- Revd Dr Jeremy Clines
- Miss Louise Hall

Best regards,

Dr Tony Strike

University Secretary and Returning Officer
Office of the President & Vice-Chancellor