Honorary Doctorate for Elena Rodriguez-Falcon


Congratulations to Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, who has received an honorary doctorate from La Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) in Mexico.

Elena, Professor of Enterprise & Engineering Education and Director of Communications & External Relations in our Faculty of Engineering, graduated from UANL in 1994 in Mechanical Engineering and Business.

In 2011 she was invited to be a member the UANL's International Advisory Board, becoming the first ever alumna to hold this position and the only woman, and earlier this year she was elected vice-president of the same board.

Elena received her honorary doctorate on 10 September at a ceremony held annually by the university's council.

Speaking at the ceremony, Elena said:

“I know there are many students present at this event and I would like to implore you to think about internationalization. My experience is not exceptional. Nowadays, it’s achievable and you must believe that it is possible for you. We don't have a choice anymore; in this globalized world, we must do it for ourselves, our families, this country and the world.”

Elena accepted the honour acknowledging the role of support from friends and colleagues in her achievement.

Elena moved to Sheffield from her native Mexico in 1998 to take an MBA in Industrial Management at Sheffield Hallam University.

She then joined our Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2001 where she’s now Professor of Enterprise & Engineering Education.

In 2011, Elena became Director of Women in Engineering, a project which encourages women to aspire to a successful career in engineering.

She stepped away from her role as Director of the project in 2014 but still continues to work with the project and to advocate for women joining the profession.

Elena initiated the highly successful enterprise agenda at our University, and founded the enterprise lab, which was the basis for the USE Enterprise Zone.

Elena was Director of Enterprise Education, a centre which concentrates on integrating enterprise into the curriculum, until 2014.

She also led the Inclusive Learning and Teaching project, working to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds achieve their full potential, and that all students feel included in the teaching process.

In 2014, Elena took up the position of Director of Communications and External Relations in the Faculty of Engineering.