Planning for the new academic year

Elevate is here to support you as you plan for the upcoming academic year. 

Earlier this year, the coronavirus pandemic required us to switch our teaching to a digital delivery with very limited notice. Departments have done an incredible job to adapt at pace to these changes. As we now move towards the new academic year, we will build on our experiences to help inform and adapt our delivery for a blended learning approach. With social distancing measures expected to be in place for several months, we are planning to offer face-to-face teaching in small groups in Sheffield, where social distancing can be maintained, supported by digital delivery. Planning and discussions about the 2020-21 academic year are underway in departments and we appreciate that, especially for those with limited experience in digital teaching, this shift may be daunting.

To help staff and departments with the transition, the Elevate team has prepared a huge range of resources, including webinars, one-to-one support, and team support. For departmental Directors of Learning and Teaching, Programme Leads and Module Leads, there are a series of prompt questions designed to help with planning overall strategies for learning and teaching in 2020-21. Through Elevate, you also can tap into peer-support from others delivering teaching online, ask questions and share best practices.

We have pulled together a few of the key resources, to get started and hope you find these useful.

If you would like to share your best practice, give feedback on resources, or have any suggestions for further support areas, you can get in touch with the team at

Resources for staff

Student learning remotely

To support staff in the move to a blended delivery for the new academic year, Elevate is offering a range of new resources, including downloadable and adaptable planning tools as well as many examples of best practice. On the Elevate web pages you will find practical guidance on adapting your curriculum and preparing to teach in blended and digital formats, including resources on:

Tools to help plan the student learning journey

Who are your learners

Building an online community of learners

Teaching practical learning activities

Choosing appropriate learning activities for blended and digital learning

Tailored support

A colleague working from home

The Elevate team also offers support for departments and programme teams during Covid-19 and remote online teaching. The bespoke service is offered at a departmental or programme level for planning and problem-solving and may cover topics such as planning for alternative assessments, reviewing programmes, considering inclusion within online remote teaching methods or planning ways to engage students in online remote teaching.

Request support

Elevate offers bookable one-to-one support to all staff who teach. They provide dedicated appointments for general teaching support and advice on using digital technology in learning and teaching.

The Elevate team will be running a range of webinars over the coming months on specific topics that will help you plan for the next academic year and develop your skills. They will include practical advice and sharing of good practice from across the University.

Book onto a webinar

Available to book now:

  • Adapting your curriculum for digital teaching
  • Understanding the needs of your learners
  • Alternative assessments
  • Engaging Students and promoting interactions in an online environment

Digital technologies

Online meeting

We understand that teaching online may be something that is new to you, so the digital learning team have designed a set of web pages to help with the transition. Take advantage of the support that is available to you from the team, and any local provision that you may have in place.

For specific guidance on the available technologies visit:

Quick guide: getting started with tools for digital/remote learning and teaching

Troubleshooting Blackboard Collaborate

Global availability

Offline support for digital learning tools

Teaching using video

The Library's resource list

Your learning and teaching experiences

Rachael Rothman working from home

Our learning and teaching colleagues share their experiences of digital teaching and working over the last few months during the coronavirus pandemic.

Read the case studies

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to share your experiences of online teaching, please email: