Bigger, bolder and better than ever - the Enable US Festival returns!


The twice-yearly Enable US Festival is back with nine acclaimed new shows and an exclusive performance workshop across two weeks, 25 March – 6 April 2019.

With funding from the Arts Council England, the Performance Venues Team are promising a programme that’s bigger, bolder and better than ever.

On offer is an excitingly diverse programme which includes a new feminist drama from the writer of Call the Midwife, hard-hitting international circus exploring child-trafficking, top European performance, award-winning political satire, an uplifting play without words, classical music-based performance featuring renowned one-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthy, and innovative physical theatre.

Eight of the nine performances take place at the Drama Studio, but for the first time this spring, the Enable US Festival is staging an event outside its usual home with Michael Pinchbeck’s Concerto taking place at Firth Hall.

The festival opens on Monday 25 March with a return of the Best of BE FESTIVAL, with three European shows from three countries and a free meal in one brilliant evening.

This is followed by Status on Tuesday 26 March, Chris Thorpe’s award-winning exploration of nationality and political control, with songs along the way.

On Wednesday 27 March is Kite, a poignant and uplifting play without words inspired by stories like The Snowman and The Red Balloon. Michael Sabbaton’s The Turk is a gripping tale of showmanship, sacrifice and the world’s first thinking machine.

Pete McKee meets The League of Gentleman with puppets, is the best way to describe Seaside Terror on Saturday 30 March.

April Fool’s day, Monday 1 April, is a date with Beyond Belief and this innovative physical theatre show explores what would happen if we could live on through our digital footprint.

As a Tiger in the Jungle is an authentic, raw and visually stunning circus show exploring child trafficking in the entertainment industry on Thursday 4 April.

The penultimate performance takes place in Firth Hall on Friday 5 April, Michael Pinchbeck’s Concerto is a unique musical experience inspired by Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand and features renowned one-handed pianist, Nicholas McCarthy.

The Enable US Festival closes on Saturday 6 April with Unsung, a new play exploring the stories of women written out of history, written by Call the Midwife Writer Lisa Holdsworth.

Tickets for most shows are priced at just £12 (£8 for students). 

Full details and ticket information

The Enable Us Project is a platform within the University’s Performance Venues for creative expression, exploration, development and debate. The project enables new and innovative performing arts companies to perform in Sheffield, as well as giving our students the opportunity to be involved in this work as part of their academic studies.