A festival of acousmatic music offers a weekend of incredible sounds

Friday 26 & Saturday 27 April, Firth Hall

Sound Junction

Experience music like you have never heard it before. Strange yet familiar sounds will be presented in the dark by award-winning composers, offering a new way to experience music this April at Firth Hall.

Sound Junction II will feature works by two celebrated figureheads of the extraordinary acousmatic genre; Manuella Blackburn and David Berezan, pieces from staff from the Department of Music plus new talent from the University of Sheffield Sound Studios.

Acousmatic music is a type of music that draws on recordable sound in order to create powerful and immersive musical environments which engage with and contort the way in which we perceive sound.

Sound Junction uses a purpose-built sound diffusion system and darkness to create the ideal listening conditions.

The audience is fully enclosed in sound via 34 loudspeakers placed, both horizontally and vertically, in a 360-degree setting. This allows the composer to freely move – or ‘diffuse’ – the music throughout the space and around the listener, creating the illusion that the audience is surrounded by spaces and objects far beyond what is contained by the venue walls. The performer has control over each and every loudspeaker and as they re-animate their sounds, they bring their work to life. From the most delicate sounds flying around your head to thumping bass drones, this music creates environments that morph between the real, unreal and surreal.

Dr Adam Stanović, Senior Lecturer in Music, explains why this unique opportunity should not be missed: “April's Sound Junction is going to be one of the best festivals of electronic music that has been hosted at the University.

“Not only do we have two of the most important composers in the field - in the form of David Berezan and Manuella Blackburn - we also celebrate the launch of James Andean's new CD and welcome the owner of the record label, Emprientes DIGITALes, who is flying over from Canada.

“Added to that, we have at least fifteen world premieres, including a selection of works from undergraduate and postgraduate students, and staff from the music department.”

There are two concerts on Friday 26 April at 5pm and 7pm and three concerts on Saturday 27 April at 1pm, 5pm and 7pm. Tickets are £5 or buy a Sound Junction Pass for £10 and enjoy four concerts over the weekend.

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