Additional financial support for international staff

Professor Gill Valentine outlines the additional support the University is making available for international staff, including:

  • Reimbursement of the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)
  • Extension of the loan scheme to cover EU staff dependants
  • Plans to make the existing loan scheme available prior to visa application

"Here at the University of Sheffield we have international staff and students from more than 140 countries around the world. We deeply value the contribution of our international community and are proud of the work we have done to champion the benefits of international scholarship.

"We fully appreciate that a number of external factors have meant that it is an unsettling time for many of our colleagues and are committed to doing all we can to support all our international staff.

"We are pleased to announce that, in addition to the current support we already provide, we will be offering further financial support to our international colleagues.

"We will be introducing reimbursement of the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for our staff with effect from 8 January 2019 (when the IHS cost doubled).

"Our current loan scheme, that can be accessed by colleagues to help to spread the costs of certain visa applications, will be extended to include EU staff dependants. We will also shortly be making the loan scheme available to individuals prior to them making a visa application. Please bear with us as we make the necessary arrangements to make this happen as quickly as possible.

"As well as providing reimbursement for visa application costs for our staff, we will also now certify maintenance (available funds) on behalf of individuals and their dependants as part of their Tier 2 visa applications.

"As a reminder, we continue to run the legal helpline and information sessions, led by immigration specialists. International staff are also able to book a one-to-one support discussion with colleagues in Human Resources or a telephone appointment with the legal helpline by emailing:"

With best wishes,

Professor Gill Valentine
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

You can find the full range of support and advice available on our dedicated international staff page:

International staff page