Action needed to help us protect you against fraud

To help protect you against fraud and to make sure the University can contact you in the event of a major incident, please take a couple of minutes to update your contact details in your personal profile by adding your mobile number and personal email address. Please be assured that the handling of personal data is carried out according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and associated legislation.

How to update your contact details

  • Log into MUSE
  • Select My services
  • View all services
  • Click on myJob / myTeam / e-Recruitment
  • Select Personal Profile
  • Add your mobile phone number and personal email address in the communication section

Why is this information so important?

  • Fraud is an issue that affects all industries and the higher education sector is no different. One example is where fraudsters attempt to gain access to university systems in order to change the bank details to which staff member salaries are paid. Although this is rare it is still something we need to guard against.
  • One vital anti-fraud measure that we have in place at the University is an automatic text and email alert process that alerts you when your bank details for payroll payments have been amended. This alert uses the personal mobile phone or private email address held in your personal profile. In most cases, this alert would simply verify a change that you yourself have made. However, it also provides an early warning if the change was NOT one that you initiated.
  • The second reason the University would use your personal contact details is in the event of a major incident so that you have vital information in an emergency situation.
  • Incident notifications will not be provided via the iSheffield app as previously stated. We could not be confident that messages would be received this way and the only alternative available to us at this time is to contact you via text message. This is why it is so important that you update your contact details.

Note: If you are a casual or honorary member of staff you won't have access to myJob / myTeam / e-Recruitment, therefore please ignore this request.

How to report incidents on campus

All incidents on campus should be reported in the first instance to Security Control on the 24-hour line 0114 222 4085 or in an emergency only 0114 222 4444.