Discover our new multi-million pound fundraising campaign

Professor Koen Lamberts introduces the University's most ambitious fundraising initiative to date:

Our new multi-million pound campaign forms part of our vision for philanthropy. Through the campaign we will increase and diversify our philanthropic income. This will help us to enrich our students’ experience, develop world-class facilities, offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity of a Sheffield education, and facilitate the delivery of life-changing research.

There will be a role for all staff; whether it’s leading or being part of a project, acting as an advocate for our fundraising priorities, supporting core alumni engagement opportunities, or helping our alumni feel part of the University community.

Discover more at these sessions with Andrew Harris, Director of Campaigns. Andrew will explain more about our aims, our timescales, the likely areas of focus and the need for your involvement. There will also be a chance to ask questions:

Thursday 8 July, 10–11am: Add to calendar

Wednesday 15 September, 12 noon–1pm: Add to calendar

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Copy of video script:

Hello, I'm delighted to introduce the University's first multi-million pound fundraising and engagement campaign.

As I'm sure you know, philanthropy has always played an important role in our University, and I could share with you numerous examples of how gifts to the University have made substantial differences.

For instance, only recently the University received a gift of nearly £6 million from the Law Family Foundation to accelerate research into gene therapy and set up a new programme of support for students.

As I'm sure you know, Sheffield is home to the region's first and only PET-MRI facility. Again, thanks to a major fundraising appeal which raised more than £2 million. More than a quarter of a million has been donated to our Student Hardship Fund, creating 300 scholarships.

So there is a rich tradition of philanthropy in Sheffield. And now we have the campaign, and the campaign will be the most ambitious fundraising initiative since the University was established.

It will allow us to enrich our students' experience. It will enable us to develop world-class facilities. It will allow us to offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity of a Sheffield education. It will facilitate the delivery of life-changing research. So I'm confident that it will be genuinely transformational for the University.

Because it's a University-wide campaign, there will be a role for everyone. And to explain more, Andrew Harris, who is our Director of Campaigns, will be hosting three events that are open to all colleagues. In these events, Andrew will explain more about our aims, what we're trying to achieve, our timescales, the areas we're likely to focus on and about how you might become involved.

So I would just encourage you, if you can do, to attend one of these sessions. We would love to hear from you and hear your thoughts, answer any questions you might have and just have an opportunity to discuss this in greater detail.

So I very much look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of the campaign and on working with you at what I hope will be a terrific project for the University. Thank you.