Dr LeBaron named as world leader in tackling forced labour 

Dr Genevieve LeBaron.

Congratulations to Dr Genevieve LeBaron from our Department of Politics on being named a Top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Influence Leader.

The global impact of Dr LeBaron’s pioneering research and leadership has seen her recognised as one of the world’s most influential experts in the struggle against human trafficking and forced labour.

The Top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Influence Leaders List celebrates leaders around the world who are making outstanding contributions to the reduction of human trafficking and slavery through increasing public awareness, advocating for supply chain education and promoting corporate social responsibility.

Dr LeBaron said: “I’m delighted to be part of this prestigious list. It’s a tremendous honour to be recognized alongside experts and world leaders like the UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland, US Department of Justice’s Luis C. Debaca, and Beate Andreas at the International Labour Organization, who are working tirelessly to address forced labour and human trafficking.

“As academics – and especially for those of us working on topics like forced labour – we have an ethical responsibility to engage with the real world. It’s reassuring to know that my research is impacting policy and industry practices, and influencing efforts to address forced labour and human trafficking in the global economy.”

Dr LeBaron is co-chair of Yale University’s Modern Day Slavery Working Group, a vital platform for world-leading scholars to explore transdisciplinary research collaboration on the subjects of human trafficking and modern slavery.

She is also co-founder and editor of openDemocracy.net’s Beyond Trafficking and Slavery site, which brings together stakeholders who are serious about tackling modern slavery’s economic, political, and social root causes.

In 2015, she won the Rising Star Engagement Award from the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences for her exceptional research and contributions to policy-making on forced labour.

Dr LeBaron’s world-leading research focuses on the political economy of the global labour market. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Politics in our Department of Politics and a Research Fellow of Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).